It is Time for a Coury Flurry!!!!

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Watching tonight's game between Ohio State and North Carolina was a little scary wasn't it? I mean there were two teams, one of whom we actually have to play, that are LOADED with talent, ran up and down the court and seemed to have athletes coming out the wazoo. And the craziest thing is that the best player on the court was not even on the court at all, but rather was sitting on the bench....Greg Oden. At times I found myself wondering, "just how bad are we gonna get beat on Saturday?" But then I realized, there is no need to worry, there is no need to fret, cause Mr. Mark Coury is who UNC is about to get. Sometimes you fall for someone have to learn the good, the bad and the ugly and then decide if you can handle it in its total package. But then there are the times that you know upon sight just how wonderful a person is. That is the case with Mark Coury. You remember the first time you saw Mark Coury? It probably was on here, and it was this picture: Yeah, at that point I knew that there was life after Woo. Obrzut came into Kentucky with all the characteristics that can make a special player......obscene height, overflowing goofiness and a Polish accent....well what more can you ask for? But as with the Bulls when Michael Jordan left, I wondered if anyone could replace this perfect storm. But along has come the Coury Flurry. What does Mark Coury have to offer? Well first, how about a near perfect resemblance to one "Napoleon Dynamite"? I mean as a former wearer of rec specs, seeing someone who sports them with such flair makes me giggle with anticipation. And then there is of course the jersey. He is playing for a team called "The Family", which would be an awesome name for an And1 player. Plus you have the hair....part curly mop, part pre-bar mitzfah coif, Coury's hair says "I know I look good and I dont need your fashion tips." Coury's newer photos show a man who isnt afraid to grow a little facial hair......not too much mind you, but just enough to let the ladies know that a tough guy is underneath. And then of course there is the game.....oh what game. Coury has muscles that allow him to beat and bang on the low block. Against College of Charleston we saw that Mark not only can hit down low, but he can also give some touch from the outside, as he scored four points in one minute.....putting his points per game ratio at 160 points if given the minutes he deserves. Yes, what we know about the Coury Flurry is that it wants to be a pit bull left in a closet with nothing but tofu, Mark is filled with rage and ready to let it come out on a quivering Brandon sources are telling me that Tyler Hansborough is reportedly shaking in his Attention Deficit Disorder boots. Tubby it is time to unleash the beast. UNC may have more talent, the home court, the momentum and the pace of game edge.....but we have the Coury Flurry......and that may just be enough!!!!

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