It is time for you to Dance with the Stars

It is time for you to Dance with the Stars

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
bio_cyrus.jpeg Anyone who is around me for any significant period of time knows that I am a sucker for reality shows. I watch everyone of them, no matter how cheesy and fall for every cliche and ridiculous premise they throw at me. Having said that, I always have mixed emotions with every new season of Dancing with the Stars. In theory I should like this show. IT combines a ridiculous talent (ballroom dancing) with C and even D level stars to produce television that has that quintissential train wreck quality that all terrible television must have. But yet, while I always get excited about the beginning, I never follow through to the end. The shows tease me with Jerry Springer and Tucker Carlson, but end up voting them off and making me turn off the television at the sight of Emmitt Smith and Mario Lopez. "Dancing with the Stars" then is like a date with Angelina Jolie that you find out will end with a poetry reading and war protest.....its just not what you signed up for. But tonight begins Season 4, and I admit, I am going to give it another shot. The list of alleged stars is once again, absurd. We have the famous Kentuckian with the heart that is both achy and breaky, Billy Ray Cyrus. There is an appearance by former N' Syncer Joey Fat One (who has been in a dance musical for goodness sake and thus should not be on the show). You have Phi Slamma Jamma represented by Clyde Drexler (A REAL STRETCH in my view to call a star). Cliff from Cheers is in (why I am not sure), as is Steve from "Beverly Hills 90210" (who must be fifty by this point). But of course the reason we will all tune in is to see Heather Mills McCartney, who of course only has one leg. Everyone I know who has mentioned the show (and it is actually quite a few, including many in the Kentucky Sports Radio crew) has done so only because they want to see how a women with one leg can dance. And I admit, I am intrigued as well. Apparently when Heather is not juicing Paul McCartney for every last cent of his Beatles money, she is dancing.......will she be the Jim Abbott and Def Leppard drummer of the dancing world....only time will tell. So check it out......and get ready for future seasons. With the "stars" being utilized now, it is only a matter of time before "Dancing with the Stars" Season 8 starring Hubby and Rob Bromley comes to a television set near you.

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