It was fun while it lasted

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 8 years


i It truly was the tale of two halves. Kentucky's defense gave a near flawless performance in the first half, but the offense didn't hold up its part of the bargain, and as a result, Louisville captured the momentum going into halftime up 10-3. Maxwell Smith went down with a shoulder injury in the third quarter, leaving Jalen Whitlow to run the show. Whitlow looked shaky until late in the fourth quarter, and by then it was too late. UK's sole touchdown came off a pass from Whitlow to Alex Montgomery with six minutes to go, capping off an impressive 15-play 75-yard drive. After another long drive, Jalen Whitlow was sacked on fourth down with a minute left, and Louisville took over, winning the game 27-13. The most frustrating part of the game had to be all of the missed opportunities, especially on offense. There were way too many drops, boneheaded mistakes, and turnovers, including two in the red zone. Kentucky was a 0-13 on third down, and at times, looked incapable of moving the ball. Donte Rumph left the game with a shoulder injury, along with Bud Dupree. The bye week could not come at a better time. However, there were some silver linings. JoJo Kemp looked fantastic, finishing with five carries for 80 yards, including a long run of 45-yards. Ryan Timmons also had a good game, with three catches for 72 yards. While UK couldn't convert on third down, they were 3-4 on fourth down. Most promising may be the fact that they didn't roll over and give up in the fourth quarter, scratching back to at least keep the game respectable, and Vegas happy. Go Cats.

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