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Dear Friends, Greetings from Hollywood! As some of you may or may not know, a few days ago Matt asked me to start work writing a script for Kentucky Sports Radio: The Movie. After writing for several half hours, I felt that I had a strong working script and decided to "test the waters" in Tinseltown, with great results. Haberdashery Pictures loved the script on sight and immediately flew me out to Tinseltown to start work on the project. If you're not familiar with Haberdashery Pictures, it's the studio that brought us Looking Good!: An Introductory Guide to this Spring's Men's Wear (1989) and It's All in the Numbers: Operation of the Sharp XE-A102 Cash Register (the Hardee's Corporation, 1993). All the great KSR moments will be represented in the upcoming film, which is starting to pick up a lot of buzz for a summer release. You'll see everything from the crew getting kicked out of the media room at the Marshall County Hoopsfest to a (tasteful) love scene between Hubby and Perry Stevenson. Today I write this post from a casting session where we're seeking actors to portray, interpretively, two posters having it out on the message boards, so I thought I'd share some of the "dailies" (as they say in the business) with you to keep you abreast of the progress. If you're in the Los Angeles docks area and want to get involved, come on down. Hooray for Hollywood! That is all.

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