Its a Friday Night Portland Game Time Treat

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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
coozie It is a rarity to play basketball on Friday night. Most Friday nights are spent cruising the town, watching Bell County beat Knox Central for the Regional title or seeing the latest CBS show aimed at 65 year old women in the Midwest. But not this Friday night, because at 10:30 pm, we invade the Pacific Northwest to play Portland. Most people know Portland as the hometown of my girlfriend in law school and thus a place to avoid at all costs. But there is more to Portland than just that. Tonight we play against the nation's best three-point shooter and Facebook video trash talker Jared Stohl, and we try to take down Pontius Pilot in a game that will be watched by literally dozens outside the state on ESPNU. We have you covered for the game tonight....A LIVE BLOG begins here at 10:00 pm and will take you through the contest. There is no post game show tonight due to the late start, so we will have just have to get all of our words out during the game. Then afterwards, I get in a car and drive to Cincinnati to catch my flight to Maui, where fun and/or sun await. So get ready for LIVE BLOG action this evening and Maui coverage next week...its basketball time in the Bluegrass, and a week of Jerry Tipton, Tom Leach, Brett Dawson, Matt May, Mike Pratt, Alan Cutler beach shots is forthcoming. Get excited.... And until then, here was our radio preview from the day, with Bomani Jones as a guest:

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