Its a Ro-Wednesday.....Rhodes and Clarke
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Its a Ro-Wednesday.....Rhodes and Clarke

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
rhodes Its a late night for me on my day job, so just a couple of things..... (1) If you didnt get to hear Kentucky Sports Radio today (shame on you), then you missed our interview with Rotnei Clarke. It was a good interview (proceeded by an odd moment where his dad called into the show wondering who had called his phone and was put on the air) and gave some news. Rotnei confirmed that he will be taking an official visit the weekend of Midnight Madness. He gave us his list of schools which right now seems to be Kentucky, Gonzaga, Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. He said all five schools were basically the same but the only two he has scheduled official visits with are the Cats and Zags. One got the feeling those were the top two teams at this point, but one can often be wrong. He mentioned that he believed UK got a stud in KC Ross-Miller and that they could play well together in the future. Those are the highlights....check back tomorrow and you can listen. (2) In other news, the player that may garner more widespread reactions by fans than anyone (just ask the Intern), Roderick Rhodes has been hired as an assistant at UMASS. This move of course re-connects two former UK greats as he goes to work for Travis Ford in Minuteman land. Interesting development and one I am glad to see. Good luck to big Rod. ("Mashburn is the King, Roderick is the Prince BA-BEEE!") Until tomorrow, scroll down and read the posts of the night.....there have been many

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