It's Brad Calipari's turn in Meet The Wildcats feature

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Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 11.15.24 AM's Meet The Wildcats series continues today with Brad Calipari's rookie interview for his dad's official site. The younger Calipari opened up about what it's like being the son of one of college basketball's best coaches and its swaggiest personality; the decision to leave home to better his game at prep school; and what it will be like playing for his old man at Kentucky. To those fans criticizing his spot on the team, he's not worried about you. “I’m more worried about where I am myself and bettering myself each day, each workout, what I do, how I work my game, what else I can add to it, just that type of stuff," Brad told "I’m 100 percent confident in myself that I can do what everyone else is telling me that I can’t. … I feel like I’ve worked as hard as I can and I’m going to continue working as hard as I can to get to the spot that I want to be at.” Be sure to give it a read/watch here: Meet the Wildcats: With Brad Calipari it’s like father, like son

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