It's Finally Gameday Links

It's Finally Gameday Links

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It seems like this week has taken far longer than the entire season up to this point had. In a few short hours these guys will be playing in the biggest basketball game in the history of the state. Expectations are high, but for all outward appearances they seem cool, calm and collected. Let's hope six o'clock gets here as soon as possible. - For some reason, there are a lot of national journalists in New Orleans writing roughly the same five stories. Here's one on why Kentucky will win that I particularly like because not only will it tell you why Kentucky will win, it seems like it was written for a person who woke up this morning and said, "Today I will watch basketball. Better get caught up on all the basic information without any real depth." Anyone like that reading now? This is for you. - Here's that story about Anthony Davis' high school growth spurt. This story is great because it gives some background on Davis' high school that I wasn't aware of, like the fact that his school didn't even have a gym. Davis went there for its 95 percent college placement rate. How many other player of the year candidates can say that about their high school? - Another popular profile subject is Darius Miller. It's interesting to get perspective from outside Kentucky on his situation because something like losing his starting job didn't even register with me as a big deal. He's our sixth starter and he has been all season. However, national media types don't think like we do. This is a good look into what Darius is going to bring from the bench tonight. - It's easy to get lost in the hoopla of desperate scribes trying to get page hits with a little Calipari bashing. However, in this interview with Steve Kerr, the former Bull ain't gonna playa hate. While Kerr insists that it would benefit ever player to stay in school, he asserts that Calipari is playing within the rules of the system and doing it better than anyone else. - Speaking of the draft, Fox Sports has a very high opinion on the eventual landing spots for the top six in our rotation. It includes a nice little breakdown of everyone's game and what they'd provide on an NBA roster. - I've saved the worst for last. Normally I wouldn't link something like this, but I want you to read it. I want you to read it and get angry. Bill Plaschke, who you may know from Around the Horn, grew up in Louisville and provides the perfect example for why Kentucky fans dislike U of L fans. The article starts with this line: I am from Louisville. I am not from Kentucky. It's a disgusting piece, but I want you to read it and I want you to think about tonight. I don't know about you, but I'm ready. Is it gametime yet?

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