It's funny how things work out sometimes

Hunter Campbellover 11 years


It seems that Bruce Pearl has decided enough is enough in Knoxville. Meaning, of course, that center Brian Williams has endured enough discipline and enough suspension to be fit to play. Pearl reinstated the big man before Saturday's game against the Devan Downey show, a 76-53 win for the Vols in which Williams dressed but did not play. Now, someone more cynical than myself might question the timing of the reinstatement, as it comes just days before Tennessee's toughest stretch of the year with trips to Vanderbilt, who already beat the Vols in Knoxville, and Lexington. They might think that because these two teams feature two of the best big men in the conference, Pearl may not have discipline on his mind at all, instead choosing to focus on the awaiting disasters if his team were to play without its most legit-ish big man. Someone more cynical than myself might think that. This surely is not the case. He indefinitely suspended Williams and, whether for guns, drugs, or both, an indefinite suspension lasts until your team is definitely looking at two ass beatings in one week. Now that we all know that, we can say without question that everything here is on the up and up and anyone's initial suspicions of something fishy were clearly misplaced. This is 100% not shady at all, in the least, and has nothing to do with potentially getting smoked in back-to-back games on ESPN or falling out of the race in the SEC East. Seriously.

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