Its Homecoming Time!!!!
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Its Homecoming Time!!!!

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
brittany.bmp I am not sure about you, but I can think of very few things that are more ridiculous than picking Homecoming Kings and Queens. Back in the grand old days of our country, Homecoming Queens (there were no Kings) were essentially tests of popularity, with the hottest girl in the school winning because all the guys wished they were with her. That was silly, but at least allowed guys to gawk at women.....a tradition unlike any other except the Masters in America. But then came the notion that we had to have Homecoming Kings (which more than one person on this staff were once winners can guess who on your own time) and we separated the entire notion of attractiveness from the selection of Homecoming Queens.....which is even more ridiculous. So now you have women who are picked allegedly based on their "accomplishments", but still forced to dress up in the old gowns of yesteryear while everyone gawks at how they look. See, now that is silly. Why not just bring out the four or five hottest girls in school....get the football players to escort them....and then make the entire scene as cheesy and American as it should be? Well we hear at Kentucky Sports Radio support that notion. With the list of Homecoming Queens and Kings out we throw our support solely behind the one we think is the hottest.....Brittany Langdon (pictured above). We know nothing about her (besides the fact that she looks like a potential hot school teacher) and we have no basis to support her. Yet because she is the most attractive and wears glasses that are somewhat sexy, she gets our support. We have no selection for Homecoming King and never will.....unless of course UK gets its head on straight and nominates Hubby. So there you go....Brittany, you have the Kentucky Sports Radio endorsement.....make us proud on Saturday.

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