Its Midnight Madness Weekend!!!!

Its Midnight Madness Weekend!!!!

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carter.jpg Well its time for Midnight Madness and no matter how much I want to get excited about the UK-LSU football game, the start of basketball season still gets me giddy. I am obviously not the only one, as seen by this picture of Jared Carter and Mark Krebs "Leaning Like a Chulo" at a Brad Paisley concert (looks like the rehab is going ok). At this point, we have the following list of confirmed visitors to the proceedings: Darius Miller Chris Singleton KC Ross-Miller Dakotah Euton Chad Jackson Verdell Jones Garrett Stutz Jon Wall Jon Hood That is quite a list, but it may not be all. J'Mison Morgan is still considering a visit and is supposed to decide on Thursday. In addition, there is talk that Trae Golden, the wonderkid from 2010 may also be a possibility. All in all, it will be crowded on recruiting row in Rupp and all the players will get hosting duties (that means you too Big Black Member!) Friday will also be a big day around here. We have Media Day festivities in the afternoon, with full coverage after the event....and then of course Midnight Madness will be live blogged right here throughout. We expect another record day on the site and hope you will check it out. Finally, and we will talk more about this later, the first ever Kentucky basketball preview magazine produced by Action Sports Media (who produces football previews for Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Tennessee, etc) and co-sponsored by Kentucky Sports Radio will be shipped in the next two weeks. It includes profiles of Billy Clyde, Bradley, Crawford and Meeks by Victoria Sun of the Cincinnati Post and profiles of Patterson, Legion, Harris, Darius Miller and others by yours truly. In addition, it will preview high school basketball in the state, the UK women's team and the school down the road. Many of you ask me how we do this site for free, and one of the way is through things like this. For $5.95 you can order the magazine, help out the site and get the most informative and entertaining previews going, combining the professionalism of Victoria Sun with the attitude of Kentucky Sports Radio. The link to order is on the left....check it out. More to come throughout the day............

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