It's playoff time in the Bluegrass

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I have been to many great sporting events over my years on this Earth, several NCAA Tournament games, several Kentucky Derby's, MLB playoff games, UK games at Rupp, the College World Series.  But, one of my three favorite sporting events is the Kentucky Boys Basketball Sweet 16, now held annually at Rupp.  It's one of the few high school basketball tournaments in the COUNTRY where everybody has a shot at one state title.  It often gives fans a chance to see great teams from around the state, andgreat players that may be going to Kentucky or other favorite schools.  But what I found most amazing about covering that tournament last year was the games and the experience meant just as much for the 40-something coaches as it did for the players.  Especially for schools in the rural parts of the state, playing or coaching in Rupp is truly a dream.  Anyway, this week that journey starts again for every high school team in the state.  Going into the district tournaments, here are your current Top 20 teams in the state, according the LIT ratings (teams in bold made Sweet 16 last season): 1) Ballard: 27th district 2) Eastern: 28th district 3) Scott County: 42nd district 4) Clark County: 40th district 5) Lexington Catholic: 43rd district 6) Trinity: 27th district 7) Shelby Valley: 59th district 8 ) J Town: 28th district 9) Iroquois: 22nd district 10) Seneca: 27th district 11) Manual: 25th district 12) Christian County: 8th district 13) Holmes: 35th district 14) Warren Central: 14th district 15) Tates Creek: 43rd district 16) Boone County: 33rd district 17) Lafayette: 43rd district 18) Moore: 26th district 19) Lexington Christian: 43rd district (ELIMINATED LAST NIGHT) 20) Male: 25th district Amazing that the 7th region (Louisville) has 8 teams in the Top 20, and the 11th region (Lexington) has another 5 teams in the Top 20.  Shelby Valley will have to hold down the fort for the small schools, plus Holmes is out to defend their state title.  I love this time of year because the start of the high school playoffs gets you prepped for the NCAA Tournament.

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