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UKCAT8FAN needs to use this song in a video ASAP... Welp.  There it is, folks.  That's all she wrote for the five underclassmen.  Tonight, we bid adieu to Jones, Lamb, Teague, MKG, and Davis (along with Darius Miller and Rod Strickland).  What a bittersweet departure.  This year has been an absolute blast, and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Okay, that may be a lie.  I really would have been happy with that 600 million dollar lottery prize.  But still, I'd sell my own mother to relive this season.  She nags a lot, so it's not a big deal, don't worry.  More importantly, since time travel isn't quite here, we all should appreciate the glorious experience that was the 2011-2012 Kentucky National Championship Season.  Boyz II Men and Brandon Weems both said it best... Let's glean over the highlights of this year: - #8pril...FINALLY! - "Hey there NOLA, times two." - Anthony Davis, all his records, and #browdown - MKG's infectious smile and passion for the game - Doron Lamb's sharp-shooting and three goggles - Teague's rise from struggling freshman to national championship floor general - Darius Miller's career games record and well-deserved banner - Terrence Jones and his NBA lottery denial for an unselfish trophy - Dunk after dunk after dunk - 16-0 SEC record - Getting the championship we all dreamed about from a team who embraced each other as brothers and family There's plenty more.  I could go on forever.  So many great memories from all the guys who will no longer sit on the Rupp Arena sidelines. *tear*  Add your own memories in the comments section, I know I missed a lot. Until next season, let's get pumped up for next season.  Archie Goodwin has taken to twitter to boost the positivity for next season:  

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