It's the National Blogger Signing Day Live Feed!

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Aritcle written by:Chris TomlinChris Tomlin
**All events updated as they occur, beginning from the bottom up** 5:01 pm - A great day all around. I think we can all be very happy with KSR’s signing day and look forward to integrating these new bloggers into the fold. Welcome aboard to the new crew! For those of you just joining us, please enjoy the live blog from early this morning until now. 4:37 pm — We got Rex! Just in under the wire we have received word from the owner of Rex — proprietor of the acclaimed REX LOVE OUTSIDE blog that the talented canine will be bringing his talents to KSR in the next year. We’ve been watching Rex for a while and among his astute observations on life, which have included the critical sensation “Love Tuna Garbage” and Apex Award-winning “There Is a Squirrel,” bring a solid knowledge of SEC football and basketball to the mix as well. Love this commitment. 4:15 pm - Barbara Marv picks KSR! For many, this is the get of the day. Barbara Marv’s blog Learning to Love Myself, Learning to Love Others was hailed as one of the biggest players of 2012 and Marv’s attention to prepositional phrases was called “the best since Carol Farnerton” by Barry Grimes of Blog Review. And I don’t think I need to tell you what another Carol Farnerton means. You already know. 3:35 pm - Titus McElroy chooses Kentucky Sports Basketball Report Daily Well, you can’t win ‘em all. McElroy’s skill at comparing sports statistics to movie quotes has been renowned ever since his infamous comparison of Vandy’s Jeffrey Taylor to Sinbad in Houseguest. Would have been nice to have him. 3:09 pm - Carlos Hoon is a KSRer! Here’s a surprise: Carlos Hoon, whose clever and obscure references to the 1990’s have solidified him as one of the most sought-after in this class, opted not to head to Sports Report Radio Today — where he was thought to be a lock — and instead will be joining KSR. Hoon is a great get and we are going to love his Murphy Brown and CeCe Peniston references around here. 2:32 pm  It’s just now dawning on us that these live feeds probably read better from top to bottom than bottom to top. Oh well. Too late. Sorry. 1:23 pm - Steven Gordon Chooses College Basketball News Report Weekly  We can’t say we didn’t see this coming, as three-star recruit Steven Gordon’s father blogged at CBNRW himself and reportedly leaned heavily on Gordon to sign there. We didn’t need him anyway; sources tell me that he’s a head case and that his synonyms aren’t as varied as believed 11:08 am - Majuptar to KSR!!!  Perhaps the most eagerly-awaited new recruit is none other than Cleveland Ohio’s Deepti Majuptar, whose similes and metaphors have been called “as bright as ten suns” and "an erupting journalistic volcano" by Blog Weekly analyst Larry Floyd. 10:11 am - Jim Waxler is walking through that door  Blog News Today sources are saying four -star game recapper Jim Waxler from Columbus, GA blog Jim’s Things is expected to choose KSR. This could only be great news as Waxler’s subject-verb agreement is one of the best I have ever seen. His coach called his adjectives "dazzling, striking and sensational." He’s really going to make they syntax sing around here. Mark my words. 9:01 am - Ron Garmand is officially a KSR Blogger!  The first fax of the day is — as expected — from Ron Garmand, who works at the Barbourville Credit Union and whose blog Kentucky Basketball Nation News has made news lately with a great profile on Orlando Antigua’s DVR season pass prioritizer. A great get and hopefully the start of more to come! 8:15 am - Signing Day Officially Begins  I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Today’s the day we find out who among the blogging masses joins the KSR elite and who chooses to take their talents elsewhere. Stick with us all day long as we update LIVE all the latest commits.

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