Its Tuesday....and the SEC is on TOP Again!
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Its Tuesday....and the SEC is on TOP Again!

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
hetrjry Tonight was once again a great night for the SEC and also a great night for Kentucky football. For the first time in a generation, the national champion goes home with a trophy and a the Kentucky Wildcats. How good does that feel? And if you were at the game in Commonwealth Stadium, you will remember the special feeling that happened there that long and wonderful night. But you also will remember that it wasnt a fluke. Kentucky didnt hit a couple of trick plays and get lucky. They played toe-to-toe with the team that won the national championship and completed their victory by stopping the tough, vaunted LSU offense from getting a first down on four straight running plays. LSU is the team that wins the national championship and gets the deserved glory.....but this is also a great day for all things Wildcat as well. A couple of notes from the night.... -- I often tease about the relative coaching intelligence of Les Miles but tonight was a crowning achievement. He went head to head with one of the supposed best minds in college coaching and he was the better man. Miles joins what may be the best list of college coaches in one conference in history. Spurrier, Meyer, Fulmer, Richt, Saban, Tuberville, Miles, Petrino, Nutt, Brooks, Croom, Johnson......there is simply no better roster anywhere at any time. -- Is there any way we can ban Ohio State from playing in a national title game again? I simply cant watch their step-slow team play against a team full of the nation's best athletes again. Big 10 football is fine for what it is....but when it plays against the elite athletes in sport, it is a joke. Only the Buckeyes could go up 10-0 and everyone still be assured they would get blown out. No more Ohio State....ever. -- I hope you noticed Ohio St WR Brian Hartline. He is UK QB (and potential starter next year) Michael Hartline's brother and they formed a QB-WR combo while in high school. Pretty good set of players for a local high school team. -- I already miss Lee Corso. We will have more tomorrow as we build towards our "State of 2008 Basketball Recruiting" post on Wednesday....

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