Ivan Hrvastka is My new favorite Singer

Matt Jones07/13/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
I thought that Kentucky Sports Radio Blog coverage of the World Cup was over....but then I was introduced to Ivan Hrvastaka and his hit song "Making Love to the World Cup." Hrvatska is Croatian (or at least whoever is playing this character is Croatian) and once you listen to the song (which you HAVE to do), you will have it in your head for days, I promise. I cant really do any justice to this song, so I just hope you listen to it and make your own jokes..... In the meantime as well, check out his official website, which showcases some of his other hits such as "Making Love to the Vancouver Canucks" and "Making Love to Labour Day." I think you are starting to sense a theme. Either way, this guy has to be on our radio show when we start back in the fall....can anyone say "Making Love to the KSR Radio"?

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