Iverson Out for the Season

Will Lentzover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Will LentzWill Lentz

After initially stepping away from the 76ers for an indefinite amount of time, Allen Iverson has decided to stay off the court for the remainder of the season.  The decision comes from a wish to spend more time with his ill daughter, which anyone with kids (and anyone without) can tell you is completely understandable. It remains to be decided whether he will return to the NBA next season, but reading between the lines tells me that this might be the last we see of The Answer. Then again, in a world of Brett Favre’s and Jay Leno’s, there’s no telling.

Either way, this can only continue to provide more minutes for former Wildcat Jodie Meeks, who has stuggled to see the court since arriving in Philly. So far, he’s played in two games for eight minutes, scored one point and recorded one board.  And this comes almost on the year anniversary of making Tennessee his woman.  Still though, we wish Jodie the best and as he gets more comfortable with the offense, I’m sure he will be able to find his spot in the rotation.

Go Cats.

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