Jai Lucas Speaks on the Cats

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jaiai Today Round 2 of the Jai Lucas Recruiting saga has officially kicked off as he did another Kentucky Sports Radio interview. I did a quick search through the archives tonight and found that during his first go around, Lucas talked to us between 10-12 times on the record. Those interviews ranged from on the radio with his dad, to podcast conversations with Tomlin and the Turkey Hunter to outside his high school parking lot, while his girlfriend told him to hurry up and get in the car. In the greater history of Kentucky Sports Radio, there has never been a recruit more willing to talk to the crew and there has never been one who has gotten the vibe of the site to a greater degree. And now, with the holidays approaching, like a present from the hit counter Gods, Jai Lucas is back on the market. We caught up with him today for a bit and here is what he had to say.... So I hear that you are back on the market again and are leaving Florida. Does this mean the recruiting wheel starts for you again? (Laughter) Yeah I guess it does. I dont have to take it as long this time though because I have already been to all the schools before. But I guess it means I can do a bunch of radio interviews again with you. (Laughter). Well Jai, I thought you would never ask. (I couldnt break it to him that there is no more radio station after last week). Why did you decide to leave Florida? They basically changed my position. I think that I am a point guard and that is where I can do things the best. They wanted me to move over off the ball and I dont think I can be as good there. So we all agreed that I might should go somewhere else. I still feel like they are family here though so I cant be upset. What schools are you looking at right now? Well I dont really have a list. I am interested in Kentucky, Texas, Texas A&M, Arkansas and Stanford and some others. I am going to wait a couple of weeks and then I will have a full list for you. What is your interest in Kentucky? UK has been in contact with me. I think they are interested in me and I am interested in them. I have talked to them a few times about playing there and I think they are needing a point guard. I have always loved Kentucky and I know about them really well, so they are definitely going to be a school I think about a lot. Do you think Florida will release you to an SEC school? Yeah, they have told me I could go anywhere. I asked them specifically about a team in the conference or division and they said yes, so that wont be a problem. Would you say Kentucky is a serious contender right now? Yeah I cant say right now, because I dont have my final group of schools and I dont want to answer that for each school. But you know I love Kentucky and they will be right there no matter when I make my decision. I still have to talk with them more about everything but I know that we will after the next couple of weeks. What is your eligibility situation? I know you played in one exhibition game. Right now they are saying that I will lose a year of eligibility for this season and only have two years. But I hope that they will change their mind. Whatever new school I pick will help me do that I think. Can you believe you have to do this whole thing again? Not really. I hoped I wouldnt have to do it again, but things happen you know. But I know a lot more about the process and this will be much quicker. So does that mean there wont be another year of KSR interviews? (Laughter) You can keep interviewing me if you want. I just wont have any schools to talk about. Well thanks for talking to us again. And oh yeah, I saw that "Dancing with the Stars" picture of you at the Florida Midnight Madness. No you didnt, well dont show anyone. (Laughter). In two weeks I will have more to say. So there you go. Jai Lucas and Kentucky seem serious. I will say that from what Lucas seemed to suggest, Kentucky is interested but serious talks havent started with any schools until after the Thanksgiving holiday. As always, if there is news, we will let you know. More all day today as we get ready for the battle of Longwood tonight....

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