Jalen Whitlow is really cool, nothing rattles him

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[caption id="attachment_119253" align="alignnone" width="500"] Photo courtesy of Winchester Sun[/caption] When Kentucky travels to Fayetteville this weekend in hopes of finding its second win of the season, Jalen Whitlow will be the man UK relies on to make it happen. Whitlow will make the second start of his career on Saturday, but only because everyone else is dropping like flies. It's okay, though, because he's gone from "not God-awful" to "really sharp" in just a couple of weeks. “He has been really sharp,” Phillips said when asked how Whitlow has practiced this week. “He really is just now starting to figure out what he can do and what he likes and then we expand on that. The ball is getting out of his hand fast, which is important and he has pretty good command of it. That is the thing we have to do is continue to work him. That is why he is getting about 75 percent of the reps because we think he can improve over time if he continues to get the reps.” But "sharp" isn't the only way to describe Whitlow's recently play, according to Joker, the freshman quarterback is really calm, cool, and collected. “I really like how calm he is,” Phillips said. “I have never seen a guy that is a freshman that is as calm and laid back. He comes off the field and can communicate with you what he is seeing. He makes mistakes, but he understands them. But just how clam he is is one of the things that you like about him. He is not a really talkative kid either, but he does a good job of communicating back to you the things that he sees. That is what I like about him, is the guy is really cool and nothing rattles him.”

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