Jamal Magloire to the Nets

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
jamaal_magloire_set_to_join_portland_trailblazers-arton33460-250×250.jpeg Everyone has that Kentucky player in their past who they liked way too much considering the guy's talent. Some are obvious. Many Kentuckians loved the moustache and nose combo of Gimel Martinez, the utter absurdity of Woo or the quinessential Eastern Kentucky flavor of Richie Farmer. But how do you explain someone like me, whose favorite player at UK may just be Jamal Magloire? During his years at UK, many couldnt understand ol Jamal. They thought he was a thug, couldnt score on offense and was too clumsy to be a big time contributor. But then, slowly but surely, Jamal won people over. And by his senior season, Jamal was the best player on the team, became a First Round NBA pick and yes, AN NBA ALL STAR! Admit it, you didnt see that coming. And now, assuming Jamal passes his physical, he is set to be a New Jersey Net. Magloire is ripe to go to the Nets and compete for the starting job after ditching Portland right before the Greg Oden train rides into town. Everyone has their favorite Jamal Magloire moment. I loved when he knocked out the Miami (OH) matchup, needlessly goaltended a shot against UL with 10 seconds left in a big loss and knocked a Tennessee player into next week when he drove to the basket. And oh yeah, some may remember what he did to Wojo below. But now he is off to New Jersey (soon to be Brooklyn) and Jamal joins Jason Kidd and Vince Carter on a team that now has three former all stars. As long as Tayshaun is there, the Pistons will be my #1, but they better watch out.....Big Cat Magloire and the Nets are coming....

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