James Hetfield's Friday News and Views

James Hetfield's Friday News and Views

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
hetfield Today's birthday has less to do with the actual individual (although James Hetfield, the lead singer of Metallica is one of my favorite rock singers) than it does the notion of a lead singer. As I wrote about earlier, today was certainly the oddest Sports Mob that we have yet seen. As Rob and I were waiting to hear from Chris Singleton (who ended up not calling us for the show), we were outside Sully's on 4th Street having a normal Thursday show, when we saw Adam Duritz, the lead singer for the Counting Crows walk by. Now this is Louisville, where celebrity sightings (not counting Jared Prickett) are not common. So we yelled out, "hey Adam, wanna come be on the radio." At first he said he was busy, but then he came back. And for the next hour and a half, Adam sat in on the Sports Mob and talked Cal, UK, UK and other college sports like an expert. He told a story about his first interaction with Ashley Judd and how she was much more interested in him when she realized he knew who then-fresh recruit Ron Mercer was. He agreed to join Carrot Top and Kige Ramsey in the celebrity Pick Em contest and all in all was a GREAT guest. I know some have complained that they tuned in for Chris Singleton and were duped to have to listen to Adam Duritz. But for me, it was one of the best days I have ever had doing this and one I will remember for some time. One of my friends called me the Forrest Gump of sports radio today and if things like today continue to happen, he may be right. To the news..... (1) After the initial report from Kentucky Sports Report, I spoke tonight with JaMychal Green and he told me the same thing he said to KSR. He has narrowed his list to three schools, Ole Miss, Alabama and Georgia Tech and he plans on visiting those schools before making a decision. He said that if he had to pick a 4th school, Kentucky would be it, but at this point, he is down to three. This is another loss for UK, but not a huge one as it has always seemed to me to be virtually impossible for the Cats to get Green out of Alabama in any instance. It is clear at this point that the Cats are now looking towards other options and spreading their wings. The net will have to be cast wider at this point, and new names will likely surface in the next couple of weeks. (2) One of those new names came out tonight with the news that JUCO big man Orlando Allen visited UK yesterday and is considering the Cats. Allen is big, measured at around 6'11" and a bulky guy who can get after the boards. I personally have never seen Allen and it is unclear with the offers that he currently has on the table if he is a realistic option for the Cats at this point. IF UK offers (a substantial if) one might expect him to accept and it may be the case that UK waits to see info on guys like Zeller and Singleton before making a decision. But what the Allen visit does show is that there are names out there right now we havent even heard yet.....and that Billy Clyde will go JUCO (just as he did at Texas A&M) if he needs to. (3) With many big men going other places the fight for Tyler Zeller and Chris Singleton has picked up. And for one of them, the status of that fight may be known soon. We expect to hear from Tyler on Friday what his final 4 or 5 schools will be (stay tuned for the news as soon as it comes). Tyler will be on the Mob on Friday afternoon if Kentucky is one of those schools and it will be interesting to hear his comments on his status. As for Singleton, while he didnt make the phone interview for the show, I did speak with him this morning and he confirmed that while he liked "6 or 7" schools, he "really liked those ones up there close to you, Tennessee, Kentucky and Louisville." However he didnt seem in a hurry to make a decision, claiming "it probably wont be until at least the early signing period." (4) Friday is a HUGE DAY for football as it is UK Media Day around Commonwealth. Our own Rob Gidel will be on the scene and will be providing reports in the afternoon. In addition, his unique interviews will be played on the Mob. I expect to see record interest in the festivities tomorrow and I think we could get some good info as the day goes on. (5) Bruce Pearl allegedly made another crack on the relative education levels of Kentuckians the other day on a radio show in Tennessee. While I like Pearl, such comments have a purpose.....create a buzz on the rivalry and continue to frustrate the Cat faithful.....and I think its working. Bruce better watch out.....I think the Cats (and Billy Clyde) may not be as interested in his jovial high jinks as he might believe. Watch here tomorrow for Zeller news and media day reviews.....should be a good news day. And oh yeah, you oughta watch this blast of me via video again...we played it on the show today and Adam nearly spit coke out his nose..... Oh yeah, here is Kige Ramsey's best work.....on Nicole Richie

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