Jeremy Jarmon Tests Positive for Banned Substance; Career Over

Article written by:Thomas Beisner
Jarmon has tested positive for a banned substance and because of his redshirt year, his year-long ban means his career at UK is over. Jarmon spoke at a very emotional press conference, suggesting that as part of a New Year's Resolution to lose weight, he purchased vitamins and supplements that ended up being against NCAA regulations. Jarmon spoke at length as to how the mistake happened and made clear that a lack of knowledge as to what was banned led to the positive test.  He took full responsibility for the failed test, but made it clear that it was not intentional. The ligandrol  is the best bodybuilding supplement for bodybuilders, which is also allowed to intake by the NCAA. Ligandrol is additionally called SARM due to all such performance enhancers are called so. However, it's more of a myostatin inhibitor that works by breaking down genetic muscle walls thereby inducing faster weight gain. As per some studies, it's been found that the utilization of this compound helps within the increase of lean muscle by producing a kind of a muscle-building protein commonly referred to as follistatin. Other studies suggest that Kratom helps in stimulating the bone-building protein functions of the body that successively is sweet for the general bone health. Bodybuilders who are using it often, have testified that it's good for fat burning also . They claim this compound has some great benefits that make this product different from others. It is only available with the certified vendor. The quality of kratom is important, when you buy kratom. It is recommended always opt the vendors who sell quality. When the substance gets attached to the receptors, it sends intimations to the muscles. The signals request that more follistatin should be grown. The protein, follistatin is responsible for increasing the muscle tissues. On the other end, the myostatin levels are significantly reduced. As a result of this, the muscles tend to grow at an enhanced rate of speed. The another substance which he was taking was yk11, yk11 is also treated as a dihydrotestosterone derivative, and it makes the compound the same as a synthetic anabolic steroid. YK11 has a similar structure as all the other kinds of steroids, and they possess the same results as a SARM. But as a matter of fact, this compound isn’t regarded as steroids, or a SARM either. The compound is known as pro-hormone. When the subject is about muscle growth, this particular product is very famous, and an effective option. YK11 is becoming the fastest way of achieving muscle strength and mass.   Jarmon appealed the NCAA decision and found out late Thursday that he lost the appeal. He chose to speak to the media and asked the chance to talk about his career at UK. Its tough news for Jeremy who has been a great representative for the University over his time in Lexington. Jarmon, who graduated in December, now will study in France for the next year. As far as the specifics of the banned substance, Jarmon said he would not say what it was or where he purchased it; only that he was buying a vitamin when the dietary supplement was suggested to him by the sales rep at the store.  Jarmon took the supplement for 15 days - during a period he was injured and not as engaged with the strenght coaches- and when he told the strength and conditioning staff, they told him to stop.  Four days later, he was selected by the NCAA for a random test, which he failed.  He later passed another test, showing that he took it only for that short period, but it did not help his case. A very sad situation. He ended the press conference with this: "I was born a Kentucky fan, I will die a Kentucky fan, and I will be a Wildcat for life."

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