Jarred Vanderbilt Update: "We're leaving it up to him"

Drew Franklinover 3 years


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The Jarred Vanderbilt question came up during Kenny Payne's press conference today, and though Payne's answer was thorough, we did not learn anything new. "We're leaving it up to him," Payne said, reiterating what John Calipari has said many times already. "First of all, I think when you talk about a kid coming off an injury and getting healthy, there is a mental thing there that he has to get over. " Payne added, when asked to elaborate. "It's been a long time since he's played basketball. He's going to have some aches and pains. He has to be able to practice and get through those aches and pains, and feel comfortable. He's getting to that point. I don't know if he's there yet. Coach Cal doesn't know if he's there yet. But I do know he's getting to the point where he is feeling more comfortable. Hopefully it's soon." Payne also said, "It's wrong for adults to force a kid to do anything when they don't feel like they're ready yet. Coach Cal is never going to do that to a kid. That's not what we do here."

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