Jason Alexander's Sunday News and Views

Jason Alexander's Sunday News and Views

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Every once and again, a show comes along that changes the way television is produced for all eternity. Seinfeld, alongside a handful of others, is one of those shows.  Sunday will see one member of its immortal cast celebrate their 53rd birthday, that member happens to be Jason Alexander.  Born Jay Scott Greenspan on September 23rd, 1959, the Newark, New Jersey native, is commonly referred to by his professional name of Jason Alexander.  He has appeared in movies like "Shallow Hal", "Pretty Woman", and even the animated series "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" as a voice actor.  Also, throughout his career, he appeared on Broadway frequently when he wasn't on the silver screen.  But, for all the work he has accomplished over his career he will forever be known as the lovable loser, George Costanza.  Alexander's career as Costanza provided millions with laughs and supplied more quotes and memories than can possibly be counted.  From his hi-jinks with the New York Yankees to convincing the world that "it's not a lie if you believe it," Costanza/Alexander is a legend in the world of comedy.  So in honor of you Jason, Sunday's News and Views are dedicated to you.  Everybody together now, "I WAS IN THE POOL!!!" On to the News. -The big story of the day, without question, was the 38-0 drubbing handed to Kentucky courtesy of Will Muschamp's Florida Gators.  Maxwell Smith didn't play as he was out with a shoulder injury, forcing Morgan Newton to play.  It was clear he hadn't improved from previous seasons as he tossed three picks on 21 attempts (14.3%).  The defense wasn't much better as they allowed 7.5 Yards per passing attempt, 4.4 rushing yards per carry, and only forced 1 turnover on 12 Gator possessions. -During his post game presser, on the topic of Maxwell Smith's shoulder ailment and playing him in today's game, Joker was quoted as saying the following.
 I was not prepared to do that. My kid. I treat him like he’s my kid and I just did not want to do that. Max wanted to go and was willing to take a shot, but I was not willing to do that to him, to our our football team. I treat him like he’s one of my kids and I wouldn’t want to risk one of my kids being out for a significant amount of time. We’ll get him back next week and I didn’t want to risk that.
-Morgan Newton seems down on himself, sad really.
“I never really got in much of a rhythm, just out of sync. … I just tried to be there for my team and the situation didn’t work out very well. … It’s tough. Over my career, it seems like it’s (always) inopportune. Bad timing. Bad situations. Bad circumstances. You know, post-Randall Cobb, post-Chris Matthews, but pre-(DeMarcus) Sweat, pre-Demarco (Robinson) and all these other guys. It’s just been tough and it makes me look like a much worse player than I really am, but that’s kind of how life goes.
-Injuries from today's game in Gainesville.  Ashely Lowery (Head), Darrian Miller (Ankle), and Kevin Mitchell (Ankle). -In non-football news, the Harrison twins and their father very much differ on their opinions on the proper college for them. According to a source the twins favor Kentucky while their father likes Maryland.  Adam Zagoria talked to the source close to the recruitment and he was quoted as follows.
“The dad’s from there. He and (Maryland coach) Mark Turgeon have known each other a long time since Mark’s days at Texas A&M. But the boys want to go to Kentucky.”
-In case you were wondering if you could obtain tickets for Big Blue Madness now, you can't.  The tickets sold out in a unbelievable 35 minutes. -Kurt Helin at NBCSports.com wrote an interesting piece about former Wildcat, John Wall, and his status as a franchise changer in Washington.  John Calipari came to his defense in an interview with ESPN 980 in Washington D.C.
What’s happened is, you took a 19-year old and put the weight of the world on him, saying to him, ‘We’re expecting you to drag this team to another level.’ Well, there are no young guys [who can do that]. [Even] Anthony Davis isn’t that guy,” Calipari said. Now, if you have a good team, Anthony and John will make you better. If you remember, I had Derrick Rose. But the way the [ping pong] balls dropped, he ended up playing on a pretty good team. So, all of a sudden, he’s an All-Star in two years, and all of a sudden he becomes the MVP of the league. But he’s on a good team. So, what’ll happen is, as [the Wizards] build that team, John will come out more.
-And finally, I leave you with Enes Kanter finishing a 5 part ally-oop with some kids at a pool in Venice Beach, California.  

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