Jeff Goodman on KSR and his comments to Nerlens Noel

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After making comments he'd probably like to take back on a radio show with Crawzich, Jeff Goodman joined the second hour of this morning's KSR show from Jamestown to defend himself. Goodman stood by his claim that Calipari tried to get him fired from FOX, saying he is 100% convinced it is true, but he also said he doesn't hold any grudge over it today. "I'm not going to hang out with him, I'm not going to go make up with him and say everything is hunky dory," he said. "But I'm objective with what I write." Goodman honestly believes he is the most objective national writer when it comes to covering Calipari. "I've written it both ways," he said. "If you looked at all I've written, you would agree I'm somewhere in the middle." Towards the end of the show, Jeff admitted to not liking Calipari personally, but said he thinks Cal is a terrific coach. "I think he's one of the most entertaining coaches in America. Does that mean I think he's not full of crap with a lot of the things he says and spins? Of course." "I'm pretty damn objective," he added. After Goodman's interview on KSR, a radio show listener went to Twitter and asked Nerlens Noel what Jeff Goodman said to him about UK during their lunch earlier this week. Noel responded, "it would be the best place for me to develop" Listen to Goodman's interview here: And the full two hours from Jamestown here:

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