Jeff Goodman Sees Potential Problems in the Future

Matt Jonesabout 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
John Calipari has basically set up a system in Lexington where, for the forseeable future, he gets to select among the top recruits in the nation on a year-in and year-out basis. What that practically means is that if difficulties arise with any of the players, or traits are shown that arent the most positive, UK can go in a different direction and still be fine. Take Quincy Miller and Tony Wroten Jr. Both are excellent prospects, both have a lot of talent and both have, in recent months taken on a bit of a persona that Jeff Goodman writes is becoming troubling. According to Goodman, both young men are doing a lot of talking of where they should be ranked, how they should be perceived and how their talents need to be respected. Most of this has been done via Twitter, but as those that cover recruiting can also attest, it is done on the court and in interviews as well. No one is arguing that Wroten or Miller is a bad kid, but Goodman writes that both should be focused more on basketball and academics, than attempting to get the "respect" they continue to ask for publically. Goodman contrasts the two young men with UK commitment Michael Gilchrist...who is taking a few weeks off from basketball and publically congratulated Anthony Davis Jr for his likely elevation to the top of the 2011 recruiting rankings. An attitude like Gilchrist and for that matter Anthony Davis can take a top player's talent and make him the total package, a la John Wall. Calipari seems to be gravitating to these players who also make good decisions off the court and are the type of people he will have no problems with in Lexington. Goodman wonders if Wroten and Miller are understanding their roles...and it may be the case that Calipari has been and will be, wondering the same thing.

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