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You read all of our postgame coverage from Rupp Arena last night, but now I have some leftovers for you to take in, courtesy of our friends at Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse, another great place for leftovers.

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Underrated moment in the game: Keldon Johnson and EJ Montgomery calming Nick Richards down. It's unclear what Nick Richards said when he was pulled from the game after a (bogus) foul call, but whatever he said, it caught the attention of teammates Keldon Johnson and EJ Montgomery. Johnson and Montgomery were quick to silence Richards' frustration and lift his head up as Calipari walked by. [video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video] It's what you want to see out of your team, especially two freshmen coming to the aid of a sophomore. But we really want to know what was said. We need more of this enthusiasm in the lower level. Big shout-out to Tyler Kratzer for bringing the energy to the eRupption Zone last night. Tyler is one of our employees at KSBar and Grille and we were thrilled to find out he didn't have a heart attack during the game last night. We were a little worried. He brings that same passion to work everyday. You know what wasn't a three-second violation? This. [video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video] However, the official called Reid Travis for a three-second violation. Reid Travis, who wasn't standing in the lane. Aric Holman didn't score and that's awesome because we learned he grew up a Louisville fan. Mississippi State's Aric Holman, a native of Owensboro, Ky., did not score a single point against Kentucky with 45 friends and family members in Rupp Arena to watch him play. Holman entered the game averaging 12.4 points for the Bulldogs in his senior season, but Kentucky's bigs held him to ZERO in his final homecoming game in the Bluegrass. More importantly, we learned on the broadcast that Holman grew up rooting for Louisville and dreamed of playing for the Cardinals. I no longer have any sympathy for my fellow Western Kentuckian. Ben Howland had really nice things to say after the loss. Read his opening remarks about the Cats:
“I thought the University of Kentucky was really impressive tonight. Facing them here, I liked their defense in particular, they really caused us a lot of problems. They forced us nine turnovers in the first half, although two or three of those were ones where we shot our self in the foot. I thought they had us playing fast and had us playing to where we were in a hurry rather than being in control offensively in the first half, and we were probably fortunate to only be down eight, and I thought we did a great job battling back. It was 41-39 and they called a timeout and we had some momentum at that point and right away they came out and really executed well on both ends of the floor. We were in about six or seven minutes where they were scoring four points and we really struggled tonight offensively and give them credit with their defense.”
Coach Cal hasn't watched one thing on Kansas this season, he says. (Okay, four minutes, maybe.) "I have not watched one thing on Kansas," he said Tuesday night, when looking ahead to Saturday's big game. "I watched a little bit of maybe Iowa State, maybe. I think I watched maybe four minutes of them, live TV. I can't tell you one thing about how they play." He better get familiar with the Jayhawks because Bill Self and his fake hair and his ninth-ranked team will be here Saturday. Go Cats.

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