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Jennifer Lawrence I'd like to start this off with an apology to those of you who have stopped by to see yet another official response to the State of the Union Address.  I'd be more than happy to put on a fancy suit, look a few minutes from death and pretend to have your best interests at heart, but I'll just settle for half of you standing to applaud after every bullet.  But, before you shower me with your love and affection, let's throw some in the direction of someone slightly more fair and infintely more successful.  Louisville native Jennifer Lawrence, just 20 years old, earned a Best Actress Academy Award nomination for her role in Winter Bone, which is not to be confused with her next film, The Beaver or her previous roles in other dirty titles like The Poker House and The Bill Engvall Show.  A quick run through her work nets nothing that I've seen myself (that tends to happen when you have small selfish children), but I have a sixth sense for innuendo and Jennifer Lawrence has been on her "A" game so far.  So, while she's certainly no Matthew Laurance, she still earns her keep here this morning.  Best of luck, Jennifer.  You've got great taste in film titles. Now onto some UK notes...  - After there seemed to be some promise of a little movement on the arena issue, Lexington mayor Jim Gray gave the promise of a "task force" to investigate and expressed a desire to make downtown the center for entertainment and sports.  The notion of keeping UK basketball downtown instead of on campus is nothing new, but the sticking point remains whether or not the city is willing to put forth the necessary funds to make that a reality.  The task force will likely come back with the appropriate information on that subject, but most seem to think Lexington is going to drag its feet in committing to a new arena.  So, basically, the song remains the same.  - Despite the urge to catch Celine Dion Tuesday in Vegas, Coach Cal instead booked it over to the land of John Pelphrey and watched five-star 2012 guard Archie Goodwin go off for 32 points.  In the "list of seven" referenced so frequently, Goodwin sits at the top as a player that Kentucky feels the best about their chances with in that class.  He's ranked as the 3rd-best shooting guard in the class and has spoken at least a tiny bit about being open to playing with Shabazz Muhammad in college.  That wouldn't be a bad class...  - Speaking of not being a bad class, ESPN updated their 2011 rankings Tuesday and there was a little movement.  It was outlined beautifully by the first-ever "Who Wants To Be A Blogger" champion, Hunter Campbell, below, so we won't dive into that much.  What you need to know (and likely already do) is that ESPN's Paul Biancardi believes that UK's 2011 class could be the best of all-time.  During that goofy show where they have about 20 guys on stools discussing various basketball things on ESPNU, Lowell Galindo said Biancardi openly glows abou the all-time potential of that class.  That thought was, of course, met with the standard "prove it" opposition, but on a slow week, why not have a reminder of what is still to come?  - Well, this is about to get fun.  According to Kent Spencer, Jon Davis has made a decision about where he will play college football and will announce Wednesday.  Jody Demling, while qualifying with "no one really knows", says there's a lot of chatter that Davis will back out of his commitment to the Cats.  As we've said before, losing Davis goes beyond simply losing a three-star recruit.  He was Joker's first commitment and is the only Jefferson County player in the 2011 class.  If he picks the Cards or the Illini, it could be the most blatant sign of an uphill battle for the Cats in Louisville.   - News also started to leak Tuesday that Tee Martin is a finalist for the Alabama wide receivers job.  Most seem to think that he will not be the chosen candidate when it's all said and done, but it does remind Cats fans of how much of a rising star in the coaching ranks their current assistant is and is likely just the first of many opportunities he'll be interviewed for over the course of his tenure.  When he eventually departs - and he will at some point - it will be a massive blow to the staff and their recruiting efforts.  As one commenter suggested, maybe we should just name him coach-in-waiting.  - With UK off on Tuesday, Florida took control of the SEC East with a double-overtime victory over Georgia.  The game offered sensational plays as Trey Thompkins had a tip to send the game to overtime, Erving Walker hit a running three to send it to double-overtime and a Gator on the bench hit Chandler Parsons in the nuts with a towel while celebrating.  But, the Gators showed a toughness that hasn't been typical of the recent Billy Donovan era in battling against Georgia's Trimble County three-man post game.  For all the cracks about the Gators not being tough, they still have the big guys that could give UK problems and the Cats will have to earn the top spot back in the East.  And in case you were wondering, Dykes was still a beating.  - On the other side of the coin, Auburn continued to chase history, falling to Arkansas to run their conference record to 0-9.  The Tigers started the second half 0-22 from the field before waking up after Matt Jones sent out a Tweet about their failures.  You know you're bad when you're winless in the SEC.  But, you know you're downright terrible when the best thing the announcers can say is "they have four left-handed freshmen".  - Big props to the KSR radio caller who noted that Eloy Vargas' disjointed running and supple derrier makes him look like a centaur.  On Tuesday, "Eloy Centaurgas" was born.  I hope we can continue to embrace him.  - Just in case you haven't tired of a good internet battle, the website Lost Letterman took a look at Matt Jones vs. Pete Thamel and how it shows the change in journalism.  At least that's what I'm assuming.  It's really long.  - Here's some late-breaking news for you:  Tom Izzo dismissed Korey Lucious for the remainder of the seaso from the Michigan State basketball team.  After hearing the news, 28 sportswriters voted them into the top-10.   - Some good news for you:  Only one more Tuesday without Justified.  February 9 can't come soon enough. That's it for now.  Stay tuned throughout the day as Jon Davis either wins our hearts or breaks it.  Matt and Zach get the party started at 10am on Talk Radio 1080.  Make sure you check it out.  See you in a few...

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