Jessica Alba Wants Late Night Notes

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Aritcle written by:Matthew HaysMatthew Hays
April 28th is the birthday of Jessica Alba. It's also National Heroes' Days in Barbados. I didn't have much trouble deciding who to devote these late night notes to and, subsequently, which picture to put at the top of the site overnight. You may know Jessica for the numerous movies in which she has appeared or you may be like me and know her for the above picture. Regardless, I think if I was in Barbados I'd be doubly honoring her today. Keep it up Jessica, you're an international treasure. - The worst part about days like today in the offseason is when I accidentally go to ESPN's website and realize there's nothing there that actually appeals to me. The NFL Draft and NBA playoffs keep things interesting in the sports world, but we're hurtling toward that no man's land when throws from third to first and home runs dominate Sportscenter's Top Ten. Luckily, we'll only be there for a month before the Olympics provide a bit of a respite. I hate the offseason. - We've yet to see a former Kentucky Wildcat get their named called in the NFL Draft. Hopefully, their fortunes will be reversed today. I think both Winston Guy and Danny Trevathan could compete for roster spots on any team in the league. They'll have to impress on special teams and I think they're both hungry enough to do just that. - The news today on the basketball front was John Calipari's evisceration of Mark Emmert in a speech he gave at Samford University. Cal was there at the behest of former UK Director of Basketball Operations and current Samford Bulldog Athletic Director, Martin Newton. Emmert seems reluctant to engage in any kind of productive dialogue regarding the future of the one-and-done or two-and-done or none-and-done or whatever rules and that's only to the detriment of the teams and players. These guys deserve to be protected regardless of if they get a degree or not. Emmert hasn't done them any favors by skirting the issue and addressing it only in a format that doesn't support an open conversation. - Just to clear it up: UK has offered Mark Lyons, the transfer from Xavier. UK has not offered Mislav Brzoja, the man with the consonant laden name from Croatia. That being said, let's bring in Anthony Bennett. - Eric Bossi reported that John Calipari and an assistant have been watching James Young, a shooting guard in the class of 2013 from Troy, Michigan, in the Elite Youth Basketball League today. Young is a 6'6 guard ranked 10th overall in his class. He holds offers from Kansas, Florida State, Michigan State and Providence but said that Kentucky and Duke are his 'dream schools'. Coincidentally, one of those schools would be my 'dream school' if I was a top basketball recruit. The other, not so much. - I tweeted this out a while ago, but the way Nerlens Noel handles his Twitter account is simply masterful. The guy gets it. He could teach a class to college athletes about endearing themselves to a fanbase through social media. I love him. He's cut from the same cloth as his new coach because both guys know how to market themselves. It's fantastic. - The UK baseball team edged out Vanderbilt in the first of a three game series tonight by a final score of 5-2 in Nashville. For complete post-game coverage, check out John Wilmhoff's wrap up on KSR College.    Keep those fingers crossed that we'll see our former tackle machines get their names called tomorrow. We'll be here to tell you the moment it happens. Happy Jessica Alba Day!

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