Jimmy Fallon and puppies predict Mor Spirit will win the Derby
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Jimmy Fallon and puppies predict Mor Spirit will win the Derby

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 5 years


Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 8.50.58 AM If I can applaud Jimmy Fallon for one thing, it's finding ways to use puppies in as many segments as possible. Give the people what they want! In what has become an annual tradition, Fallon brought in sixteen puppies for the sixteen top horses in the race and had them race to a trough of kibble. The results? The puppy representing Mor Spirit got to the trough first: https://youtu.be/GlV2j58rPMQ Before you roll your eyes and go back to more professional methods of picking your Derby horse, it should be noted that the puppy representing American Pharaoh won last year, and if I remember right, American Pharaoh did pretty well for himself.

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