Jodie Meeks and a Game for the Ages

Matt Jonesover 12 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
photo by Pablo Alcala This would have been an easy game to miss. Playing in Freedom Hall against an Appalachian State team best known for basketball, with an early noon start on the last Saturday before Christmas. That would add up to a game to skip for many folks. But I hope you didnt, because what we saw today was only the most prolific offensive performance by a UK player in my lifetime. Jodie Meeks had 46 points, a number that is almost unfathomable in today's modern game. Dont believe me? Take a look at what 46 means: --- 6th highest point production in a game in UK history --- Most points by a UK player since 1971 --- Most points by any player in the history of Freedom Hall --- Nine three pointers that ties Tony Delk's all time record. Add to that the fact that Meeks outscored Appalachian State 24-21 in the first half by himself and he had two three pointers at the end that were relatively open and could have given him 50 and it was one of those games you tell your kid that you attended. Jodie is a phenomenal scorer and tonight was a phenomenal game. Some notes.... --- All the talk after the game was of course about Meeks and his amazing performance. Gillispie said afterwards that it was the most points that he had ever had by a player he coached. Jodie said it was more points than he has scored at any level (43 was his record in a rec league game). Gillispie said, "With the tradition of Kentucky basketball, to be on any Top 10 list means you are a special guy and that it is a special day." That it was. --- After the game Meeks was his usual humble self. He said, "I have to give all credit to my teammates." He mentioned that he realized on the free throw line for the first time that he had a number of points and that he could get 40. He then said that he felt a little pressure but that "its a good Christmas present for me." He talked about how great it felt to finally play pain free and said that "it truly is an honor" to be in the record books as he know is. --- However in classic Gillispie form, he had some critiques of Jodie's game. Afterwards, according to Meeks, Gillispie asked him how he played. Meeks smiled and said, "I knew what he meant, so I said that defensively I was horrible." --- Jodie's pre-game meal? Eggs and hashbrowns...."I will be eating them again Monday." --- The other big story was the return of Ramon Harris. For the first time, the Razor went into detail about what happened on the night of his injury. We will talk more about this later, but Ramon did say that it was great to finally play in a game. He felt like it took a collision in the second half to get completely ready to play again, but that "it is a blessing to even be playing basketball again. I appreciate the fans praying for me and all the people who have prayed for me. For me to even move my fingers is a joy." Great to see the young man out there again. --- Billy Clyde said that the last two days of practice have been the best two since he arrived at Kentucky. --- Gillispie also explained the lack of playing time for Harrellson by saying that in those two days of practice, Jorts was the only one who didnt practice well. --- Finally, a good day for AJ Stewart and Michael Porter. AJ had his best game at UK and said afterwards that he felt he was finally "getting it" at UK. And as for Porter, in the first half, with him in the game, UK beat Appy State 38-4....and Appy State scored not one field amazing statistic. Plus telling Buzz and Mike Pratt that statistic got KSR mentioned on the tv and radio go Mike Porter! More later on Ramon Harris and his overcoming the injury. I am out to see Jon Hood play again and celebrate the Cats win and Tubby giving Rick and the Cards hell....great day around these parts....

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