Jodie Meeks' Dad After the Game
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Jodie Meeks' Dad After the Game

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
On our partner site Wildcat Nation, Jodie Meeks' father (who posts there from time to time) had this response to questions about his son as a potential transfer: You heard it directly from the horse's mouth, "On Transfering: Never say never, but the only way Jodie transfers is if he is asked to go." No plans to go. It has never been a discussion point. He loves where he is. He loves to tell me how cold it is up there in the winter. I told him he was a southern boy and he would have to get use to the cold weather. He finally has. He is doing well in school (all SEC academic team last year) and is looking at making sure his grade point average stays up (business curriculum is pretty tough during basketball season), and is looking forward to coming back soon. And in response to a question about his thoughts on what is going on: I usually don't touch this kind of stuff, but ok, I'll give you my 'opinion'. I think the team is experiencing what EVERY team athletic or otherwise experience. Forming, storming, norming, and performing. We are clearly, and firmly in the storming category, and it is due to a number of factors, new coach, new system, fan expectation, player expectations, and injuries, etc. I don't pay much attention to folks who keep putting the players down. I know that they are just hurt because their team is not performing to their expectations. Everyone should be allowed to voice their opinion. I happen to believe that is what these boards are all about. I do wonder how some can be so cruel to the very players they say they love. I don't like the attacks on Coach Smith. I think he is a very classy person. However, if someone feels that strongly, let them say what they will. We as a team will do fine. We just need to get healthy and through the storming phase of team development. This is very good news for Cats fans as there had been a number of folks in recent weeks speaking of a potential Meeks transfer as a possibility.

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