Jodie Meeks SEC Player of the Week (and a Link)

Matt Jonesover 12 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
For the fourth time this year, Jodie Meeks was named SEC Player of the Week, another notch in a season full of awards for the young man from Norcross. Jodie just keeps on keepin' on. Also, if you didnt get to read this New York Times story on players that just win, focusing on Shane Battier, you should. Written by the author of "Moneyball", this article gets to something that I find fascinating. Why is it that some players, no matter how unvaluable they seem to the naked eye, just seem to make their team win more when they are on the court? I had a conversation with a former UK player and asked them to name the games UK played the best this year and they said Tennessee, Louisville, Vanderbilt, Florida and Arkansas. When I looked up the stats on those games, in four of those five (Florida being the exception), two players that seem to be the most awkward and mistake-prone on the court, Porter and Harris, played over 33 minutes in each contest. Why does that happen? Well the above article tries to dive into it.

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