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meeks_-_jodie_layup.jpeg Continuing the tradition of "straight from the horse's mouth" player comments, our man Jodie Meeks is using his website to give comments straight to the fans. Go check it out (it is interesting), and here is his latest entry: Hello to the best college basketball fans in the world. It has been awhile and I thought it would be a good time to share my answers to the questions most asked of me. 1) What do you think of the new coach? Answer: Coach Gillispie is very smart. He is always focused on how to make our team better and closer. He and the staff has spent quite a bit of time getting to know the players, and how to help us get better. I like him. I consider him a very good coach and a mentor. 2) What do you think about the upcoming season? Answer: I think we will be better than most people expect. It is still early, but I expect this to be a good season for Kentucky Basketball. We are getting close as a team and blending in the new players. Let's just say we are VERY excited about our team. One of my goals is to reach a final four and win a championship. I know that most colleges have the same goals, but we hope that our hard work will give us an edge. 3) What do you think of the fans at Kentucky? Answer: Unbelievable!!! I thought I understood what fan support was, I had no idea :) The fans at Kentucky are by far the most vocal and supportive of any in the country. It makes us want to go out and play our hardest and win. We expect the absolute best from ourselves and we know that it is expected from our supporters who view our team as a part of their families. A funny story from last year; my aunt who lives in Nashville was at a store and saw a fan who had a UK shirt on. She told them that she was a fan and her nephew played for Kentucky. The person with the UK shirt on stepped out of line and asked for her autograph. My aunt was blown away. She had no idea that she was also a member of our Big Blue Nation. She is now a very strong UK supporter for every sport including our basketball team. 4) Do you hope to start this year? Answer: Of course if that is what our team needs. I felt I contributed last year and I hope to continue to do that. A better question would be, what do you think it will take to win this year. I believe that we have to play as a team the whole season. I really get along well with the guys. My dad called the other night and asked what all the noise was in my room. He asked if Derrick my roommate was making all the noise. I told him it was Joe who spends quite a bit of time with us including taking his calls in my room :) We all get along very well. I know this will help us when the games get tight. 5) What team do you look forward to playing the most next season? Answer: Do I have to pick one? We have so many teams to settle the score with. I want to play them all and would rather answer that question at the end of the season. That way, I'll be able to tell you if we won or not :) That's all for now, I have to get ready for classes tomorrow. By the way, I felt one of my biggest accomplishments last year was making the all-SEC Academic Team.

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