Joe Craft Center to be updated

Joe Craft Center to be updated

Drew Franklinalmost 5 years


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joe-craft-center The University of Kentucky is actively revamping its major sports facilities and the basketball team's Joe Craft Center may soon be added to the list. In a press conference today to discuss the new $49 million baseball stadium and other projects, Mitch Barnhart said the athletic department is looking into an update of the Craft Center, where Coach Cal's team trains and practices behind Memorial Coliseum. "The Joe Craft Center across campus was built seven or eight years ago. We've been in that awhile and we need to update that," said Barnhart. "We need to figure out what we need to do to update that as it relates to what we've got going on in terms of wellness and nutrition and training, specifically to young people that are on that side of campus." Women's basketball, volleyball, rifle and other programs also share the Craft Center.

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