Joe Crawford giving back to his hometown

Andrew McCarthyabout 8 years


Aritcle written by:Andrew McCarthyAndrew McCarthy
Joe-Crawford   As Kristen mentioned briefly in her post last night, Joe Crawford has come a long way since his early years in Lexington. Once somewhat of an enigma, the former Cat has become a gracious and thoughtful human being off the court-- evidence of which can be found in Detroit this weekend.   The International Hoops Expo is an event that was put together by Joe and his brother Jordan (of the Boston Celtics), as an effort to give something back to the city that reared them. It includes a professional development forum, a series of invitational games, and clinics run by the Crawford brothers with the help of NBA players such as Paul George. According to Jordan, the weekend's main purpose is "about all the kids from Detroit getting a chance to experience a camp."   The Expo began on Thursday, and will run until Sunday. You can read all about it HERE.   According to the Detroit Free Press, the younger Crawford also had some good things to say about his big bro, telling reporter Anthony French: "The reason why I’m in the NBA is because of him. He led the way and showed us how to do it. He showed us how to work on your game, what’s the best way to work on your game and get better the quickest... So he’s the reason I’m in the NBA because he went out there blindly first and made it to the NBA without knowing how to do it.”   Keep up the good work, Joe C. You might not be in the league, but you're still making us proud.    

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