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Wow.  Here we are.  We've made it past a full 24 hours since the debacle in Chapel Hill and it looks like the world might not end after all.  Although, things might make a turn for the worst in a second, though, when you realize that Matt's not around and I'll be doing the nightly post for him.  Sorry. But, the positive of that is that I missed that today marks the birth of Robert F. Kennedy and Joe Biden, but happened to notice that the comedic genius of Joel McHale is turning 37 today!  For most of you, you know McHale as the host of  The Soup on E!, but to those of us diehard fans, we know him as....well, yeah, he's the guy that hosts The Soup.  I'm generally not a big fan of all things entertainment and I find myself cringing everytime I'm forced to watch something on E! that doesn't involve pixelated ariolas, but The Soup is must watch TV for me - and I think a good portion of the KSR crew (except Mosley, who is still bitter about not being cast as "Mankini").  Basically, I've got nothing much to say except if you don't watch it, well, this is for you.  Interesting sidenote:  I tried about 6 months ago to convince some people that The Soup could be done in a sports format and be very successful.  I made no progress with this.  Now, Versus airs Sports Soup and it is awful.  They deserve it.  I also take credit for the idea of the now cancelled TRL too. Now onto the UK news of the day: (1)  As the fallout continues from what has been a pretty awful start to the basketball season, UK is sure to get hammered a little more once the story by Dana O'Neill gets some traction.  I posted the link earlier today before having a chance to read the entire thing and, let's just say it isn't too flattering toward Gillispie, UK or the Orton family.  It's really nothing new if you're a UK fan and, to be honest, it's not really anything Jeff Goodman didn't write a few weeks ago, but with The Network on board, expect this to be a much, much bigger story than before.  Not enough to overtake their non-stop self-promotion during their programming though. (2)  Another unfortunate note regarding the North Carolina game was the news today that UNC's freshman big man from Indiana, Tyler Zeller, is out for the season after breaking his wrist against the Cats.  On the play where he was injured, Zeller's dunk was being contested by Ramon Harris and Harris was called for the foul.  Replays showed that Harris might not have made contact but, if he did, it wasn't much.  Coming from a guy with two gimpy knees, I can promise you that Zeller's injury should be blamed on lanky and awkward more than it should be blamed on Harris.  Still, it's a blow to the Heels and sad news for Zeller, who was off to an outstanding start.  Great video of the injury here. (3)  Some news that wasn't on the negative side was released today though as we found out that the Cats will be playing in the 2010 Maui Invitational.  The last time the Cats took a trip out west in 2006, they entered as the #20 team in the country and fell to #5 UCLA by 5 and then suffered a 17-point beat down to #12 Memphis.  Hopefully, they'll have a better outing this time.  Here are the teams selected: UConn Kentucky Michigan State Oklahoma Virginia Washington Wichita State Chaminade (4)  Not a whole lot out of the football team during this bye week, but Rich Brooks and the boys had a two-hour workout Wednesday, where they did some conditioning and started their prep for Tennessee.  The team will get back together Thursday before having Friday and Saturday off.  Some would argue that this is the second Saturday in a row they've taken off.  I kid because I love, Rich. That's it for now.  Sorry for such a weak wrap-up.  Be prepared, though, for some greatness tomorrow as we get you prepared for the Hornets of Delaware State and we make Tom Jurich feel the wrath of the Kentucky Sports Radio nation.  Stay tuned...

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