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"Run the play! Run the...wait, we forgot to work on plays." Not to sound like a broken Jerry Seinfeld record, “but what’s the deal with the SEC? I mean, does anyone want to win this thing?” Tonight was one of great significance in the conference that football built. The East is pretty much Florida’s to lose at this point, but there is still plenty of jockeying to be done before the postseason rolls around. Georgia strode in to Knoxville with wins against Kentucky and LSU still fresh on their palates. The reeling, Lofton-less Vols had to find a way to win one of these games without their star, and they did, 82-71. With a trip to Gainesville looming and Lofton’s status still up in the air, this may prove to be a tourney-saving win for UT. On the other hand, this is a damning blow to the Dawgs, who now sit at 5-3 in the conference with a trip to Memorial Gym and a home date with Florida on the horizon. Perhaps the hottest team in the SEC lately has been Vandy. Inked with a Top 25 rating, the ‘Dores gamed their way to a halftime lead but succumbed to Florida in Gainesville, 74-64. Not really a blow to Vandy, as a “decent looking” loss at Florida is about the best they could’ve hoped for. The West, jeez, that West (resist all temptation to use cliché). With a win at South Carolina tonight, Auburn moves atop the standings at 4-4, and became only the second team from the Wild West (damn, it was just too appropriate) to win on the road in conference play (3rd, Alabama). I guess a couple of these teams are going to make the dance, but as for which ones, well, only Duke knows that, and he ain’t talkin’. It would’ve been so much easier if LSU could’ve held their home floor tonight against a shockingly awful Alabama squad, but alas, they completely pulled a Schrute, losing 73-70. Alabama now storms back into the postseason mix, and the Tigers tumble into the cellar; and apparently parted ways with PG Tack Minor. Amazing. We all knew LSU was not going to be the Final Four team of last season, but 13-8? 2-5 in the SEC? 4 straight losses? If you watched the game, it looked like John Brady struggled to, but ultimately, came to grips with his coaching incapability. Oh well, nothing like a deep tissue massage from Balls Champagne to “work” that frustration right out. Tourney comfort levels: La-Z-Boy: Florida Sofa: Kentucky Love-seat: Vandy, Georgia, Tennessee Barstool: Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas, Ole Miss Church Pew: LSU, Miss. St., South Carolina Stats and stuff For all you ‘math’letes and numbers guys out there, here are a couple of links to check out. This one, by Peter Tiernan of, uses formulas, stats, and enchantment to break down the “trends” of past NCAA Tournaments. The findings are based on a 21-year scale (1985-2006), and from the past decade as well. If college basketball were a major at anywhere other than a Jim Harrick coached school, this would be a helluva dissertation. Another interesting read is this one at, which chronicles the number of players in the NBA per college and conference. UConn leads the way with 14, and the ACC has launched a whopping 54 players into the League. "Don't Cry for me Santa Anita" A lot of people have been asking me for my thoughts on the embattled Barbaro. Well, in short, I think this should have been done a long time ago. The truth is any other horse with that kind of injury would’ve been lucky to make it off the track at all. Of course, putting an animal down is a task for the owners far easier said then done, and the potential for brood income is hard to ignore. However, these animals are bred to do one thing and one thing only: run. When they can no longer do that, they are miserable and need to gallop off to the dirt/polytrack oval in the sky. The whole “Terry Schiavo-esque Hands/Hooves Across America Tour” was endearing, but a prolonged inevitability as well. If those who became Barbaro’s penpals during this whole ordeal would like to continue writing to a horse, email me and I’ll try and set you up with something good n' lame. Super Bowl commercial sneak peak Here is a preview of Apple's new ad created for the Super Bowl.

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