John Calipari Continues to Sell Program
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John Calipari Continues to Sell Program

Bobby Reaganover 6 years


Article written by:Bobby ReaganBobby Reagan
  [caption id="attachment_174204" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports[/caption] If you read our Drew Franklin earlier today he talked about John Calipari reiterating his statement about the goal being to get eight guys drafted and not the national championship yet again today. Well, that might not be a bad thing according to some national guys. Rob Dauster at CollegeBasketballTalk says Calipari is just selling the program when he says things like that. It doesn't mean top recruits or Calipari aren't looking to win national titles, but the goal of every top recruit is to play in the NBA. Dauster says the following:

This is nothing but a recruiting tactic. Cal’s not stupid. He knows that the biggest reason he’s been to four Final Fours in his six seasons at Kentucky is that he’s turned it into a draft factory. He knows that his ability to convince elite recruits to spend their seven months of basketball purgatory in Lexington is the engine driving his Kentucky program. And he knows that one of the biggest reasons he’s able to continually land players like Karl Towns and DeMarcus Cousins, John Wall and Skal Labissiere is that he makes it very clear he’s going to shove them off to the NBA as quickly as possible.

You know what? He's not wrong. Fans can be upset about the comment and not winning the title this past year, but the success under Cal has been the best in the country. It's just his method of recruiting and coaching and if he wants to sell that to recruits going forward, I'll continue to buy stock.

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