John Calipari makes the case for Isaiah Briscoe in the NBA

Drew Franklinover 4 years


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Isaiah Briscoe's path to the NBA hasn't gone as easily as he probably expected when he committed to Kentucky as the No. 2 point guard in the Class of 2015. He's currently projected to go undrafted next week and ranks him at No. 71 in its prospect rankings. But John Calipari is still going to bat for his former guard by talking up his game ahead of the draft. Today, Calipari took a moment during his teleconference to say Briscoe's shooting has improved and people need to realize he is still a very young and talented player. “People are more impressed with his shooting than a year ago," Calipari said. "The thing that is driving me crazy, he’s a sophomore! He just turned 20. So, when you look at him you think, well, here’s a veteran. No, you gotta look at him. I had a guy call me, one of the NBA personnel, and say, ‘Well, what if this kid had gone to this and done this. What would you think of him now?’ And this and this. Well, I’m looking at Isaiah and I’m saying, he’s like one of the young guys in this draft. But he played at Kentucky, he’s been through wars, he knows how to win, he’s improving his shooting." Calipari also pointed out the game has changed and traditional point guards are becoming a thing of the past. “So, I think he’s going to be fine," he said. "I think people are looking at him now and saying, ‘Wow, he is better than we thought.’”

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