John Calipari met with the NBAPA to Establish a High School Combine

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In a game of word association, "one-and-done" would likely incite a response of "John Calipari."  They go together so much, the 30 for 30 on his story was titled "One and Not Done."  After using the rule to his advantage for nine successful years, he's ready for it to end. "Kids should be able to go (to the NBA) out of high school. That’s not our deal. That’s between the NBA and the Players Association," Calipari said yesterday. "Don't put restrictions on kids." Prior to visiting the EYBL circuit in Dallas, Coach Cal spent the afternoon in Fort Worth at TCU's basketball coaches clinic.  In a conversation with the Star-Telegram, Calipari said he's taken his stance one step farther. Last week Calipari visited the NBA Players Association to urge them to create a combine for high school juniors.  It's an idea he revealed during College Gameday's trip to Rupp Arena this spring.  He believes a combine will give players the feedback they need before making a decision to either go to college, or jump directly into the NBA. "The players and the families need to know - here are the ones who should be thinking about the NBA, and here are the ones who should not," he said. "That's why you need a combine." As college basketball tries to sift through an FBI scandal that involves under the table payments from agents, Calipari has provided many different solutions.  This one is the most practical and makes a ton of sense.  He's putting his ideas into action.  Now we'll see if anybody is listening. [Star-Telegram] [mobile_ad]

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