John Calipari once again calls for college basketball to take over August

John Calipari once again calls for college basketball to take over August

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 4 years


Like you, John Calipari is tired of the offseason; so much so that he wants college basketball to take over August.

Cal first brought up the idea for a preseason practice period last year, and mentioned it again today during an appearance on The Dan Dakich Show. Like the overseas trips teams are allowed to take every four years, the practice period would last ten days, which would include seven practices and exhibition games vs. other teams and/or European pro teams, which would be televised to promote the sport.

Why doesn’t college basketball take over August? Right now, the NBA has taken over July. Why doesn’t college basketball give each team a week of practice, ten days — which they do every four years — why don’t we do it every year? You get seven days to practice and play some exhibition games, either against each other, which could be televised on weekends so [the players] don’t have to miss anything — or European teams come in and play us and we televise it and we take over.”

“We take over August, college basketball. Good for branding for the kids, great to knock up ratings a little bit. Bringing back college basketball. Why wouldn’t we do that? ‘Well, we don’t want to do more, we want to do less.’ Okay, keep doing less and the NBA keeps doing more. Talk to me in ten years.”

When Dakich asked Calipari what feedback he’s gotten on the idea, he gave a classic response.

“What do you think people look at me and say?” Cal joked. “‘This guy is out of his mind. This guy is crazy. Why — he’s too far out there.’ My thing is, we’ve gotta look five, ten years down the road.”

Once again, Calipari is ahead of the game.

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