John Calipari's preseason SEC Tournament idea keeps getting worse
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John Calipari's preseason SEC Tournament idea keeps getting worse

Drew Franklinover 5 years


Article written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


atl-stad John Calipari's brilliant (in his eyes) idea to play the SEC tournament before the regular season, keeps getting worse. After going on The Paul Finebaum Show to make his pitch to the public for a preseason conference tourney, Calipari took to Twitter to elaborate on his masterful plan:
I'm sure you've heard about my crazy idea for the SEC Tournament being played before the season. Got another crazy idea while I was driving. Why don't we play the games in the football stadium in Atlanta and set up two courts with stands split down the middle?  You could play the games where fans can go from side to side and watch multiple games. You could even have the winner's bracket on one court and the loser's bracket on the other court.
He's really serious about this, isn't he? He wants to play the tournament in the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium with two games going on at once on parallel basketball courts, with fans dividing the action. On one side: the loser's bracket. On the other: the winner's bracket. But who in their right mind would sit and watch an SEC loser's bracket? The current format can't even get fans to show up for a game that doesn't include Kentucky. Cal's new preseason tournament would ask fans to sit and watch the equivalent of the current Wednesday night session at the SEC tourney. He is all about it, though. It seems there is no convincing him it's a farfetched idea. On The Paul Finebaum Show, Calipari made his initial pitch, before going all-out with the double-court idea. Here's what he had to say to the show:
You know I don't like postseason tournament. If you lose in the first round of our postseason tournament, the SEC, what happens? You're not in the NCAA tournament. You lost in the first round of the SEC. Well what about other leagues, when they lose in the first round? 'Ah they've got more time off to get ready for the NCAA.' What if you win the SEC tournament? Does it help you? It doesn't do anything. It doesn't do a thing! So I'm like saying, 'Why in the world are we even playing this?' How about we do this? Let's go to Atlanta, get two sites, have a preseason tournament. Every team is guaranteed three games. The winner wins the tournament. That's your November. That's early November and everybody knows we're all going to Atlanta and we're going to have a ball. We're going to play each other and we're not going to have a postseason tournament, and you know what? The team that wins the regular season gets the automatic bid. And you do that.
Calipari at least acknowledged he sounds like he is out of his mind, but he wants everyone to at least look at it. He asked that, before we comment: write it down; go have a cocktail; go have dinner; then tomorrow morning, pull it out and read it, and ask yourself if it actually makes sense. Will do, Coach.

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