John Robic talks about next season's roster

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


robic-dodgeball Last night, John Robic sat in for Cal on his weekly call-in show and fielded a question about how the staff may handle next season's roster. With five recruits signed, one committed, and a few more possibly on the way, here's how Robic broke down the roster situation:
"If you look at our current roster right now, you're allowed 13 scholarships. Well, we have a few walk-ons that are on scholarships that's a 1-year contract; we have a couple seniors in Julius Mays and Twany Beckham; we have to see who, if anyone, will go to the NBA draft. With that in mind, we will never be in a situation where we will be over signed. We have a lot of flexibility right now, we are still continuing to recruit, because if you go home and do the math, there's 13 on our roster. Take away the walk-ons, take away a couple to the NBA, take away the seniors, there's a lot of flexibility there. That's why we continue to recruit."
Plenty of room for you, Andrew and Julius.

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