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As you go through life, you meet people and interact with people on a regular basis who are from various generations. Some are older, some are younger and some grew up with the same TV shows, music and trapper keepers as you did. Those from the same generation often share a certain understanding and appreciation for things that were important at the time because they were a similar age to you. For me, anytime I see John Stamos, I automatically think of his luscious mullet, his rock solid relationship with Rebecca Donaldson (Becky), the fact that he had to move into the room with the girls' old pig (it was pigs, right?) wallpaper, his odd looking redhead tv children and his cool band: Jesse and the Rippers. John Stamos is Uncle Jesse to me, and always will be. John Stamos has dabbled in other projects, including a regular role on ER and Glee. Stamos has also been cast as the lead role in a new Fox drama called Little Brother.  Stamos has also appeared in an episode of Law and Order: SVU (who hasn't?) I'm just not sure things will ever get any better for Stamos than he had it during his time on Full House.  I wonder if he ever thinks to himself, "whatever happened to predictability? The milkman, the paperboy, evening TV." Uncle Jesse celebrates his birthday tomorrow. Have mercy. And now on to some notes from the day... - As has become a trend around here on the weekends until the kickoff of the college football season, the news around Kentucky has been fairly quiet. The UK football team had their second scrimmage this morning and Joker Phillips and the staff invited some very special guests. Kentucky football hasn't always made the right move, but the move to invite former players to watch the scrimmage and join the team for lunch today was a very neat moment. According to reports, over 70 former players were in attendance, including guys like Tim Couch. The effort to reach out to former players is a step in the right direction for the UK football program. Jeremy Jarmon has been given a ton of credit in the recent attempts to connect and reach out, and he deserves a lot of props for a good first showing on the part of the alumni. Phillips said he was inspired by a quote he heard in the movie "Act of Valor" that the team watched together recently. "Here's to us and those like us-- and there are damn few." - The overall mood coming out of the scrimmage from the coaching staff seemed to be very positive. The offense was able to move the ball better and seemed more comfortable throughout the day. In the first scrimmage the defense turned the offense over a number of times, but the offense did a better job taking care of the ball this morning. The scrimmage was highlighted by a solid 14-play, 98-yard drive at the hands of quarterback Max Smith.
"It was very satisfying to see," said offensive coordinator Randy Sanders. "Number one, just to see us go 98 yards without having a 30 or 40 yard play mixed in there means that you had a lot of guys doing the right things a number of plays in a row." (h/t
- Joker Phillips still hasn't named a starting quarterback and many began to question if the mystery had more to do with keeping Louisville from being certain come September 2nd. Phillips said today that he will likely name the starting quarterback tomorrow. At this point, there seems to be little question as to who Phillips will name. Max Smith is the obvious choice. Smith has been taking the 1st snaps at practice and put together a nice scrimmage this afternoon. - Joker Phillips has been dancing around his excitement for a certain freshman wide receiver for a few days now. Phillips rarely if ever goes to the media about specific freshmen during camp, but he can't seem to contain his positive comments about one in particular. The smart money is on DeMarcus Sweat or A.J. Legree. After some comments made by Randy Sanders after practice, Sweat seems to be the most likely candidate. If Phillips' comments are any indication, Sweat could potentially be a breakout star for this team. 
"We got us a young receiver, I can tell you that," Phillips said. "He's got a chance to be a special guy. You guys figure it out. There's only two of them."
- Joker Phillips also had encouraging words about another wide receiver, DeMarco Robinson. Phillips said that Robinson made something happen every time he stepped onto the field. Could the receiving corps be vastly improved from last season? Couldn't hurt. - The college football AP poll came out this morning and the SEC once again had a strong presence in the poll. Exactly half of the top 10 teams are from the SEC, while Florida also came in late in the #23 slot. Louisville also cracked the top 25, ranked 25th in the nation. Personally, I love the fact that Louisville made the top 25. We knew Kentucky wasn't going to find themselves in the rankings, but a chance to upset a top-25 team-- also our biggest rival, in the first game of the season would provide a huge confidence boost to the players and fan base. Knocking off Louisville in the opening game, while simultaneously booting them out of the rankings would be a double-win for Kentucky. Keep adding pressure to the Cards heading into that game. I see no problem with that at all. - Julius Peppers ended the silence on his part regarding his transcript from his time at UNC which was recently revealed to the public.
"This statement is in response to false allegations regarding my connection to an academic scandal within the University of North Carolina athletic and African-American Studies departments. This week has been an upsetting and challenging week for me, as one of my most private academic documents appeared on the university's website for public examination. I'm terribly disappointed in the fact that my privacy has been violated, as well as frustrated with whoever negligently and carelessly committed such a flagrant error. However, it has caused me to have an important moment of reflection over the time that I was a student in Chapel Hill. During my undergraduate years, I, like many other students was trying to find direction and adjust to being independent for the first time as a young adult. With this new freedom and unfamiliar environment, I will admit that, at times some of my priorities were not always aligned properly. Luckily, I had a great support system, including Dr. Carl Carey and the athletic academic department, who gave me much needed counsel.  I can assure everyone that there is no academic fraud as it relates to my college transcript. I took every course with qualified members of the UNC faculty and I earned every grade whether it was good or bad.  I was never given unapproved assistance or preferential treatment in terms of my academic career because I was a student-athlete. I was also never deemed ineligible to compete on any of the football or basketball teams.  In hindsight, I am pleased with my undergraduate experience. UNC gave me the exposure and foundation I needed to follow my dream, which ultimately led to my chosen career path. Isn't that what college is supposed to be for? Going forward, a decade later, I can honestly say that I now understand the importance of supporting students early in their college career. Presently, I'm thinking of ways that I can use my experiences and resources to help assist them. Thanks and Go Heels."
- Another teammate of Andrew Wiggins is keeping Kentucky in consideration as a possible college destination. Dominic Woodson is the 78th best player according to ESPN and the 27th by Rivals. Woodson is the center on Wiggins' team at Huntington Prep. Though we haven't heard just exactly how interested Kentucky is in Woodson, he has named Kentucky as a member of his Top 10. Woodson is a member of the 2013 class, much like one of Wiggins' other teammates, Xavier Rathan-Mayes. Could the temptation of potentially playing with 1 or 2 of his teammates in 2013 at Kentucky be even more incentive for Wiggins? - Another piece of 2013 recruiting news came in the form of revealing that Marcus Lee plans to attend UK's Big Blue Madness on October 12th. "Mar-Cus Lee, Mar-Cus Lee." Yeah, that works in the form of a chant. Much easier than Mamadou N'Diaye. -On a somewhat down note, a different 2013 recruit, Wayne Selden cut UK from his list. Probably because of the Harrison Twins. Consider it a good sign for Cal's chances with the dynamic backcourt duo. - In a piece of random news, John Calipari addressed the Singletary and Patterson scholars today about a phone call that he made recently. The phone call had nothing to do with Cal's impressive recruiting. The phone call also didn't include him stating how much he had been thinking about anyone all weekend. Calipari simply called one of his former players to thank him for an important contribution he made while at Kentucky. The contribution might not be one you would have expected either, considering the player led the team to the school's first Final Four in years. Calipari called Brandon Knight instead to thank him for "raising the academic standard for us." The following series of tweets show just how much admiration and respect Calipari has to this day for Knight's influence on the program. - In yet another piece of random news, you don't want to challenge John Calipari in a free throw shooting contest: - And last but not least, a big happy birthday to Willie Cauley-Stein. Cauley-Stein is celebrating his 19th birthday today. Ah, to be young.

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