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John Wall has a new tattoo

Article written by:On3 imageAndrew McCarthy
Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 12.36.09 PM h/t @tattoosbyrandy ...And it's a giant owl. Per the Washington Post and elsewhere, Wall's latest ink represents his dedication to putting in work (hence the "No Time for Sleep"), and will undoubtedly result in uppity reporters bashing him for setting a bad example for the youngins. Just to jog your memory, the last time one of his tattoos went public, people like Jason Reid were writing columns titled "Washington Wizards should think about John Wall’s ink before signing him to a max deal." So, we can definitely expect more of the same now that he is in fact a max contract player. Which should be fun. My take? When you donate a million dollars to charity, you can get all the tattoos you want. So do you, JW.

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