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Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
wall-cousins As our good buddy Bomani Jones said just a few minutes into last night's game, John Wall was about to make himself a lot of money. When the dust settled, Kentucky's freshman point guard emerged not only as a winner, but as the likely leader in the race for National Player of the Year. Oh yeah, he also made himself a lot of money last night under the bright lights at Madison Square Garden. Today, the internet is abuzz with Wall talk.  Here's what you might have missed while you were on the phone with your doctor about that John Wall dance-induced wrist pain (or so you say, sinner): - The man who crafted the finest John Wall piece ever written, Rivals' Jason King, writes that Wall's legend continues to grow. This seems to be a recurring theme.  - SLAM magazine says the Cats are like an oversized elementary school bully....which is a compliment, I think.  - On the Sporting News' blog, Dan Shanoff compares Wall to a former Georgetown star by saying "no college player since Allen Iverson has captivated the attention of hoops fans as quickly and comprehensively as Wall".  - Over at the Herald-Leader, Gentleman John Clay says the big stage is exactly where #11 belongs.   - says Wall has distanced himself from the rest of the draft pack so far this season.  ESPN said this last week, as well.  - Speaking of ESPN, Dana O'Neill-Forde says that John Wall is worth the hype.  I have a feeling several other people are trying to figure out what  he's worth, as well.

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