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wallscream John Wall is EVERYWHERE.   Are you tired of hearing about him?  Of course not.  Will you ever be tired of hearing about him?  Of course not.  So, here are a couple of links to satisfy your John Wall needs until Saturday, when he goes for 20 and 10 on the Tar Heels: -- Jeff Goodman and the good people at Fox Sports put together the first edition of their NCAA Player of the Year race.  Our man John Wall comes in at #2, right behind Ohio State junior Evan Turner.  Turner has already registered two triple-doubles in his first season playing point guard for the Buckeyes.  John Wall has already registered an entire Sportscenter episode worth of highlights.  (Patrick Patterson did not make the list) -- NBA Draft forecasting website just released their first 2010 NBA Mock DraftThey project Wall going first to the New Jersey Nets (sorry Devin Harris.)  Also in the first round, Patrick Patterson at #9 to the Golden State Azubuikes and  Demarcus Cousins to Orlando with the 28th pick.  Can you imagine Boogie and Dwight Howard together down low? (Perry Stevenson did not make the list) -- And to cap off your daily dose of John Wall, watch him go baseline and rise up on UNC-Asheville at "Freedom Wall": Go Cats.

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