John Wall openly calling for the Wizards to draft Anthony Bennett?

Andrew McCarthyover 8 years


Aritcle written by:Andrew McCarthyAndrew McCarthy
Hawks  v Wizards   Ok, here's the deal: for the second year in a row, the Washington Wizards have the 3rd overall pick in the draft. And with John Wall and Bradley Beal already in the fold, whomever Washington takes this year will ideally give the franchise three young stars to build around for the foreseeable future-- In the sports world, as in high school biology, that's what's called a nucleus. So, basically, Washington is potentially sitting pretty right now.   Still with me? Cool. Moving on-- In addition to owning a top 3 pick, there's also a player that everyone in the DC area wants the Wizards to draft. And I mean everyone; Season ticket holders. Sportswriters. Bloggers. Congressmen. Public school kids. Private school kids. Lactose intolerant kids. Lactose tolerant kids. Parents. Teachers. Janitors. Everyone. Ev-ery-one. You see, a dude named Otto Porter played his college ball down the street at Georgetown, and he's beloved inside The Beltway. Plus, guess what? Barring a major shakeup at the top, Porter should slip to the Wizards in the 3-spot. So, Porter-to-Washington. Done deal. Sounds pretty perfect, right?   Wrong.   Yesterday, in an interview with The Washington Post, our own John Wall was asked about the No. 3 pick and who he thought his franchise should pick. He began by answering diplomatically, saying: "I don't know. It's up in the air right now." Which was good. But then he finished with: "I feel like we need a four man that can pick and pop, so we’ll just see." Which was bad. Or bad for Washington management, at least. Because anyone with half a brain knows that he's talking about Anthony Bennett there. It's no secret that Wall needs a reliable, athletic big-- and Bennett will be there at 3 when the Wizards are on the clock.   So, what just happened? Basically, Wall read the tea leaves and realized that his team was about to draft a skinnier, less athletic, and slightly shorter Jeff Green. Fully aware that that's not exactly what the team needs-- And, also, that he's a franchise player-- he decided to tip his hand as to who he did have in mind. Publicly. And guess what? He was right to do so. Porter is the better pick for selling tickets. Bennett is the better fit to play alongside Wall and Beal. So, good for him for covering his bases and going through the media this time around.   And just like that, our boy is all grown up. John Wall is officially acting like an NBA superstar-- And I, for one, could not be prouder.     @McCarthyKSR    

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