John Wall planning on getting a UK tattoo

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walltattoo613a When John Wall came to Kentucky, one of his unique traits was that he had no tattoos. Wall was adamant about keeping his image clean for marketing reasons, but now, after a few years in the league, feels comfortable enough to get some ink--only in places that you can't see when he's on the court. Wall got a series of elaborate tattoos on his chest and back recently, and plans to add an homage to the Cats soon. From the Washington Post's Dan Steinberg:
And so within the past month, Harris created an homage to Raleigh on Wall’s midsection, complete with the skyline, area code and signature interstate-40 road sign of the point guard’s hometown – “kind of a tribute to where he started,” as Harris put it. “All his stomach tattoos represent where he’s from.” A star adorns the middle of Wall’s chest. Above one breast is a tribute to his mother, which includes her name and a reference to Wall as a mama’s boy. On his back are the words “Great Wall,” made out of bricks; Harris eventually plans to tattoo the University of Kentucky logo – and possibly other symbols – on top of that “wall.”
Interlocking logo or block K? [The Washington Post: John Wall’s offseason tattoos]

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